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Soup & Star Wars

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Mushroom soup: It’s good!

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I had already eaten the soup in question before I had time to make the video, but here is a photo of it’s gray goodness before I ate it. (And yes, I know that using the flash washes out the colors and makes for crappy indoor photography. Why don’t you come over to my house and show me the quick and easy way to turn off the automatic flash on my camera?)

Whole Foods mushroom soup


Soup for a Year: Dessert Day 8: Brie Drinks a Salty Caramel Brownie Milkshake: It’s Complicated

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Let’s just jump right in to this, shall we? I really want some pizza! Also, a sandwich! Basically, anything other than soup.

Making this soup challenge even more difficult is that yesterday I went to a party at my mom’s house in Sandusky/Norwalk. This party included the following things: a two-hour drive with my cousin, her husband, and their four boys who were eating Goldfish crackers and delicious smelling pretzels; a potluck with my mom’s taco salad, my aunt’s green beans with crunchy onions on top, my cousin’s pasta dish with pesto and artichokes, my mom’s fiance’s burgers with cheese, coleslaw, cream puffs, a caramel apple pie, a pumpkin pie, and my grandma’s beef vegetable soup that my mom made for me. As I sat at the table surrounded by people eating this delicious food, I ate my soup. I began to question this whole thing. I want some of that food! I did not eat any of it, though, and I was glad I didn’t because later as I was milling around, I heard my mom telling people about it.

“Oh yeah, she’s just eating soup. And she has a blog!”

My mom seemed so excited to use the word “blog,” and possibly even more excited to tell people that I had a blog. I’m pretty sure she has never even visited a blog, let alone talked about one. It was very cute, and I think I will continue with this whole thing if only to provide my mother more opportunities to tell people that her daughter has a blog.

It got hard again today, though, when my roommate A came back from Nashville and we went to Panidas (or Panera) to get dinner. For me: cream of tomato soup. For him: broccoli and cheddar soup (solidarity!) and mac and cheese. He got out the hot sauce and was eating that mac and cheese like it ain’t no thang, and I was in hell. Still hungry from my soupy dinner, that shit looked badass. I might have caved and tried some if he got the ranch dressing out, but he did not. So I’m still good.

Then my friend L came over with cookies. I was hoping they would be oatmeal because I very much dislike oatmeal. No! They were chocolate walnut cookies! Ugh. You might think this story is over if you have not read the title of this post, but it is not. A also had brownies that he brought back from this great place in Dayton. Oh, A and L are going to share one! What kind do they want? Blondie? Cream cheese (cheese!), German chocolate, or salty caramel? They look over at me with pity, and I whine at them not to look at me. But then, A to the rescue!

“Could you have this brownie if I made it into a milkshake?”

You bet your sweet ass I could! Warning: I did not realize that my camera was zoomed in until it was too late. And it was zoomed WAY in.

For those of you who have sharp ears, did you hear the vibrating during the video? That was Mike BBMing about if he could put nuggets in chili.

Let’s get to the matter at hand, though. The milkshake. Well, it was made with part of the brownie, some milk, some chocolate sauce, and ice. Therein lies the problem. At first taste, the milkshake tasted like a protein shake, and I believe that is because of the chocolate flavor and the ice. That is how I used to make my protein shakes, anyway. Well, minus the brownie. But after a few sips, I got a chunk of brownie! Yay! And then the best surprise was at the bottom where I found all kinds of brownie chunks! Delicious!

And so I have made it through another day. Thanks to A for the brownie milkshake and Mom for the soup, which I have a huge bowl of and will eat for the rest of the week. Also Mom’s fiance M for being a good sport and putting up with her having to make me soup for this party and for Thanksgiving in a few weeks. Onward!


My mulligatawny soup recipe

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I’m sure I’ve misspelled the name of this soup about a hundred times. So I’m glad to be done with it.

I’ll probably eat it for dinner.


Soup for a Year: Dinner 5: Brie Eats Cream of Spinach and Mushroom Soup: It’s Complicated

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Right. Today wasn’t too bad. I had a peach mango V8 for breakfast which was quite good. There were plans for my friend Lyndsey to make me pizza soup for dinner tonight, but she ended up going out of town, and I was left to fend for myself. But I am an island when I want to be, and sometimes when I don’t want to be, like tonight. Yet I persevered and went to Whole Foods after I got out of work early. As I wandered around the Dublin Whole Foods, I was quite pleased to see that there were no samples of cheese in the cheese area. I love cheese, any kind, anywhere, any time, and the presence of no cheese samples was pleasing to me as I would not have been able to partake in the delicious samples. I took this as a sign that the Whole Foods workers want me to win this challenge, and also maybe God. Yes, I’m sure God wants me to win. And so I will bear this burden of eating only soup, and I will emerge victorious, much like the Crusaders, sort of, in the First Crusade. History! With this in mind, I began to eat my soupy dinner.

As usual, I was optimistic about this soup. I like to give anything a chance, try everything once, keep an open mind, that sort of thing. I find my optimism particularly helpful in the soup challenge. I mean, I was labeled “the manic” at lunch today, with Mike being “the depressed” and David being “the unaffected.” However, this cream of spinach and mushroom soup was a bit of a let down.

The thing about this soup is that it had everything, in theory, to be a great soup. Cream! Spinach! Mushrooms! Being soup! Yet, when all was said and done and eaten, I did not really like it. It had a strange flavor to it that I could not place. Now, I am familiar with surprising flavors popping up in things I buy from Whole Foods. Usually it is a bit strange at first, but then I get used to it and like it. Once my friends and I bought Whole Foods Ranch dressing to go with our Two for Tuesday Whole Foods pizza. The Ranch had a rosemary flavor that is not present in the perennial favorite Hidden Valley Ranch, but as I continued to dip my pizza in it, I began to enjoy the taste. This did not happen with this soup. Maybe because I couldn’t isolate the strange flavor it had, but either way, I have had better soup. I still have probably three bowls left of it in the refrigerator, and it says I should enjoy it by December 12, so I’m sure I will finish it. I just won’t be as happy about eating it as I will be about the lobster bisque I love or a good French onion.

Tomorrow: Another Whole Foods soup, Brandied Cream of Mushroom. Fingers crossed this one will be better!


Soup for a Year: Dinner 3: Brie Eats Loaded Baked Potato Soup: It’s Complicated

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Wow, this competition? Endeavor? Challenge? Whatever it is, this is the third day of it. I am getting tired of soup. It’s like when you’re trying to quit smoking and suddenly people smoking cigarettes are everywhere. Now obviously there is food of the non-soup variety everywhere, the trick is to not notice it or, barring that, somehow to push the thought of it out of your head.

Usually I’m pretty good at not thinking about things or people that I don’t want to. However, as far as thinking about things that I want, I have zero ability to not only not stop thinking about whatever I want, I have almost zero ability to keep myself from buying it. That goes for anything from a new dress to a Hound Dog’s Backyard Dog pizza with Smoking Joe’s crust and a side of ranch dressing and hot sauce. DO YOU SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE? I want pizza! I know, you’re shocked. But here is something to actually shock you. I did not give in and order the delicious pizza that I wanted. Instead, I ate loaded backed potato soup from Potbelly’s.

It was distracting to have someone else in the room when I was making this video, and maybe you could tell that I wasn’t nearly as put together as I usually am. So I will type to you what I thought of the soup. Here is the problem: If you are calling your soup LOADED baked potato, you include cheese. That is just what you do, no debate. Potbelly does not! They charged me an extra 50 cents for a bit of melted American cheese. Also, in a loaded baked potato soup, you should have something other than simply chunks of potato and some bacon. Not even that much bacon! Ugh. When all I am eating is your soup, please make it better, or at least more honest about what it is. This soup is that movie that you see previews for and you think is going to be really funny but then it’s a teenage coming-of-age story and those SNL cast members are barely even in it. This soup is Adventureland.

I did have a strawberry milkshake though, and it was gooood.


Tonight’s triumph

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What a difference a day makes.

If you read my post from last night, you know how despondent I was about the whole S365 affair. And you know how Lynda pulled my fat out of the fire and gave me a new lease on life.

Tonight, I sit here with a full belly of delicious, homemade, turkey soup . . . and I couldn’t be more confident. Now, I know that everything is relative and that tomorrow my inability to stop looking at the enormous bags of Halloween candy that my children begged for over this past weekend may drive me into pits of insane despair that I just can’t understand right now.

But those cravings are for another day and will be satisfied with a chocolate soup recipe that I am going to identify and eat for breakfast every day.

Again . . . that is another day’s problem.

Today, I am triumphant in my successful and entirely spontaneous turkey soup that I whipped up from the meal that I was concocting for everyone else. And best of all . . . it was DELICIOUS!

Do you hear me Mike and Brie?! I made delicious soup and I am so cocky at this exact minute that . . . well, I’m pretty cocky. I’m cocky like Terelle Pryor in the first quarter. I’m cocky like the South Carolina Gamecocks. I’m cocky in some what that had absolutely nothing to do with a sports metaphor but I can’t think of it right now. I’m cocky in ways that I’m imagine later when I don’t feel like updating the post to include.

I’m confident is what I’m saying.

I wish you could have been there with me to see it all happen. I wish you could have smelled the pans as the ingredients cooked. I wish you could have taken that first bite with me, wondering if it would be any good and then realizing with a shock of excitement that it was very good.

Maybe you should come by the office later this week and watch me eat the leftovers for lunch? Would that be pretty creepy? Well, I’ll leave that up to you.

Here’s a video of me getting it all together. Food Network . . . I’ll expect a call from Alton Brown soon.

turkey soup

Soup for a Year: Dinner 2: Brie Eats Broccoli Cheddar Soup: It’s Complicated

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First off, I’d like to say that today was much easier than yesterday. I had no breakfast, but I had a delicious turkey chili for lunch. Plus crackers! Maybe this soup thing isn’t so hard. In a similar vein, when I told my mom about this thing, she mostly thought it was par for the course and really funny. That was yesterday. I spoke to her again today, and she was very receptive of my soup needs for Thanksgiving should I still be eating soup exclusively. That was pretty awesome. So thanks, Mom!

Now for my dinner. I decided to get a broccoli cheddar soup from Panera. That pretty much covers the soup places I can think of near my apartment, with the exception of that Soup Nazi place downtown. I’m not sure how late that place stays open, though, so maybe I will try that this weekend.

Several other things. I searched Craigslist for soup and nothing funny came up! What gives, Craigslist? I expected something disturbing having to do with someone wanting someone else to sit in a bathtub filled with tomato soup or something, but nothing!

If you search “good soup places” near my apartment, you will find that many people think that Subway has good soup. Is this a thing? I have never been to Subway and wanted and/or seen soup on their menu, but maybe that is because I would get a sub at Subway. I mean, “sub” is in the name! Anyway, eventually I may get desperate for variety and be forced to give it a shot.

Also, I have yet to have a highly-debated milkshake, so there’s that.

Finally, I have several more people lined up to make soup for me, including our own soup contestant Mike! Keep those offers coming, people!

One Down…

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First of all, if you haven’t yet read David’s post for tonight, you absolutely need to right now. It’s a testament to the spirit of this challenge, to marriage, to support, and really it’s just very sweet.

Seriously. Stop reading mine and read his. I’ll wait.

Okay, it was good right? So I uploaded some videos tonight of a few different things. David explaining soup for a year, me making my first batch of soup, and the panel voting on rolls and noshing. I won’t clog up valuable real estate here with all of these tremendously uneventful videos, but you can watch them on youtube if for some reason you really want to.

I just want to confess that I toed two lines already, after ONE day. First, on my way to class I stopped at Cosi to eat some…you guessed it…soup. I ordered some adequate beef and veg soup, and the dude at the register (who, apropos of nothing, was very muscular) asked me if I wanted wheat bread or white bread.

I kind of panicked for a second, because I knew we had approved rolls and a small baguette, but what about a piece of flatbread? After informing the muscular cashier of Soup for a Year, I went ahead and ordered the wheat bread. I’m 99% this was a legal play, but I suppose if anybody has beef with it they’ll tell me tomorrow. I also think that because it is served WITH the soup automatically, that it is meant to be eaten with it, and thus an integral part of the soup (not unlike croutons and mozzarella cheese in French onion).

The second line toeing I did concerned my consumption of a milkshake at approximately 9:30 tonight. I know we voted on it, and I know the outcome was favorable for milkshakes, but for some reason, I still felt rebellious while I was eating it. I’m not sure what this means exactly, but perhaps the topic deserves further discussion…thoughts?

In case you watched any (or all?!) of the chicken soup videos from last night, and you’re wondering how it turned it, I’m sorry to report that it is just alright. It’s not the worst soup I’ve ever had, but it certainly not the worst either. The noodles are a little too well done, but by far the biggest shortcoming is the utter lack of flavor. I tried to avoid putting too much salt in it in the interest of healthiness, but damn, those brothy soups really need to be salty. In order to be a legitimate contender in this challenge, I’m going to need to find a happy medium between low-sodium and flavorful. More to come on this later.

On one more unrelated note, I’m starting to worry about Thanksgiving. Granted, it’s still 3 weeks away, and who knows if any of us will even make it that long…oh well. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. The following video is another discussion at work.

If you want to watch my uneventful but slightly funny soup-making videos, they’re here on youtube.


I think I’ll miss breakfasts most of all

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Sure, my video skills are lacking. But the verisimilitude is where its at, don’t you think?

T-minus two days and counting!

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