Soup for a Year


My mulligatawny soup recipe

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I’m sure I’ve misspelled the name of this soup about a hundred times. So I’m glad to be done with it.

I’ll probably eat it for dinner.



“Something Quite Special”

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Whilst paging through my Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook I came across a list of proper garnishes for soups. (And stop laughing- I could keep house with the best of them if I wanted to… I just choose not to!) I’m going to include the introduction to the garnish list because it’s quaint and charming. And hopefully I won’t get busted for some sort of copyright infringement.

“A well-chosen garnish such as a sprinkling of finely chopped parsley or chives, a slice of lemon or a few paper-thin slices of cucumber can turn an otherwise ordinary soup into something quite special. For a more decorative effect, swirl a tablespoon of cream lightly into each bowl to marbleize the surface. Grated cheese should be served separately so that each person can help himself.”

And now, here’s the list of garnishes over which we will argue:

-lemon slices

-chopped hard-cooked egg



-sliced cauliflowerets

-whipped or sour cream

-carrot and celery ticks

-grated cheese

-bacon bits

-sliced almonds

I’m not totally sure how I feel about all of the above, but some would at least address my fears over the participants’ vitamin deficiencies.

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