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Charitable Motivation?

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So here we are 9 days in, and not surprisingly, S365 is getting old. Being obligated to turn down all of my favorite foods, I’ve decided that I need a deeper motivation than just glory to continue along this ridiculous path (as if there’s any glory involved anyway). David agrees, and for the sake of this post, we’ll go ahead and say that Brie agrees too.

If I’m going to keep participating in Soup for a Year, I’m going to need participation from YOU. “Why should I participate?” you might say. “You’re the stunt-junkies that volunteered to eat the soup for no reason, not me!”

Well what if there was a reason? i.e. charity!

So…here’s what I propose. And bear in mind that this idea is a work in progress, but I’d like to get the ball rolling on it.

For every day that we eat soup and only soup (excepting of course rolls and crackers when integral to the soupy meal), you pledge to give a canned good (or other non-perishable food item) to the charity of your choice. You can choose to sponsor only me, only David, only Brie, or some combination of the three of us. Pledge whatever you can, and keep in mind if you’re going to pledge something, we’re going to hold you to it.

So we know who’s on board, you can document your pledge a couple different ways. First, you can leave a comment on this post indicating how much you’re willing to donate and to which charitable organization it will go (also leave your address so we can come Paulie your knees if  you “forget” to ante up). You can also input the same information at the Soup for a Year Facebook page. Eventually, if people take to this idea, I’d like to have some kind of charity landing page where we keep track of donations, donors, total days on soup, etc. Let’s stick with this for now though, and we’ll see where it takes us.

Also, if you think it would just be easier to donate a dollar per day or week, or a quarter per day, we can do that too. You can send us a check, and we can make sure it gets to the right place.

Let’s make this ridiculous stunt worthwhile, shall we?

Sadly (though not that sad), if we don’t get enough people into this to make a difference, I’m probably going to revert back to solid food. Which honestly sounds amazing.



One Down…

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First of all, if you haven’t yet read David’s post for tonight, you absolutely need to right now. It’s a testament to the spirit of this challenge, to marriage, to support, and really it’s just very sweet.

Seriously. Stop reading mine and read his. I’ll wait.

Okay, it was good right? So I uploaded some videos tonight of a few different things. David explaining soup for a year, me making my first batch of soup, and the panel voting on rolls and noshing. I won’t clog up valuable real estate here with all of these tremendously uneventful videos, but you can watch them on youtube if for some reason you really want to.

I just want to confess that I toed two lines already, after ONE day. First, on my way to class I stopped at Cosi to eat some…you guessed it…soup. I ordered some adequate beef and veg soup, and the dude at the register (who, apropos of nothing, was very muscular) asked me if I wanted wheat bread or white bread.

I kind of panicked for a second, because I knew we had approved rolls and a small baguette, but what about a piece of flatbread? After informing the muscular cashier of Soup for a Year, I went ahead and ordered the wheat bread. I’m 99% this was a legal play, but I suppose if anybody has beef with it they’ll tell me tomorrow. I also think that because it is served WITH the soup automatically, that it is meant to be eaten with it, and thus an integral part of the soup (not unlike croutons and mozzarella cheese in French onion).

The second line toeing I did concerned my consumption of a milkshake at approximately 9:30 tonight. I know we voted on it, and I know the outcome was favorable for milkshakes, but for some reason, I still felt rebellious while I was eating it. I’m not sure what this means exactly, but perhaps the topic deserves further discussion…thoughts?

In case you watched any (or all?!) of the chicken soup videos from last night, and you’re wondering how it turned it, I’m sorry to report that it is just alright. It’s not the worst soup I’ve ever had, but it certainly not the worst either. The noodles are a little too well done, but by far the biggest shortcoming is the utter lack of flavor. I tried to avoid putting too much salt in it in the interest of healthiness, but damn, those brothy soups really need to be salty. In order to be a legitimate contender in this challenge, I’m going to need to find a happy medium between low-sodium and flavorful. More to come on this later.

On one more unrelated note, I’m starting to worry about Thanksgiving. Granted, it’s still 3 weeks away, and who knows if any of us will even make it that long…oh well. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. The following video is another discussion at work.

If you want to watch my uneventful but slightly funny soup-making videos, they’re here on youtube.


Lest you think we do this for frivolous reasons, part I

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If you cave and deviate from the soupy path before I do, I am asking for the following concessions from you: 

  • You must root for the Bengals and be genuinely pleased when they do well. Likewise, you must be genuinely downtrodden when losses, injury, or idiot behavior befalls them.
  • You must purchase the iTunes album “The Best of Hanson Live and Electric” by Hanson and listen to it straight through at least twice within a 14-day period. The album contains 15 songs and costs $9.99 (what a deal!)
  • You must display this excellent 11×17 Two and a Half Men poster in your new cubicle for a period of time equal to or greater than 3 months. I will purchase the poster (and perhaps some other people will chip in…)

I believe these terms, while deeply personal, are not unreasonable. I will await you concession demands.


Starting to Fret

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First check out this video from lunch today (profanity). It is many firsts, and hopefully the first of many. Hopefully it’s working now–it wasn’t earlier. Then read my first blog post ever. Crazy right?

I posted on Facebook earlier tonight that I couldn’t believe that we are actually going through with this ridiculous stunt. Up until now, I’ve sort of just been enjoying the conversation, laughs, and just all around good times that Soup for a Year talk has been facilitating. Now that we are four tiny little days away from a diet utterly devoid of crunchiness, the reality is finally starting to set in.

It really hit me when I was perusing my cupboards for dinner earlier tonight. I came upon my relatively enormous stash of Ramen noodle packages, and I recalled one of many lunch conversations based on the legality of foods in S365 (that’s my cool, new, alphanumeric meme for Soup for a Year). I asked the group if they thought Ramen should be legal. As David pointed out on Facebook, I certainly am the boundary-pusher. Even so, I thought that Ramen, like chili or stew, would have support from both camps (the purist camp, i.e. Rachel and David; and the “If you can eat it with a spoon, it’s soup” camp, i.e. Mike and Brie).

How wrong I was. Even Brie, who I would consider at least somewhat of a liberal ally, was adamantly against classifying Ramen as soup.

My point is that Soup for Year really hit me when I realized how much food I’m not going to be able to eat. If I was feeling those pangs of jealousy from RAMEN, of all things, 4 days before the competition starts, imagine how I’ll feel around people eating sandwiches! Or burrito bols! Or STEAK! Shit.

Despite my apprehension, I’m pretty excited to get this thing underway. I think it’s going to inspire some creativity in the kitchen, as well as at the computer.

On another note, which I’ll save for another post, I told my mom about S365–needless to say, she wasn’t happy when I told her I’d need soup at Thanksgiving.

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