Soup for a Year


Brunswick breakfast

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I mentioned the other day that I was enjoying my sister-in-law’s Brunswick Stew recipe.

Here it is, in bowl form, serving as this morning’s breakfast.

How do I eat a bowl full of potatoes, corn, limas, BBQ chicken, and beef (plus other stuff) this early in the morning?

I just imagine I’ve gotta rope cattle on a long drive from Abeliene to Montana. (And to be honest, getting three girls ready for breakfast and school is the closest I’ll ever want to get to that.)

Good morning to you all!



The breakfast of champions

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Goooooood morning soup fans!

Are you ready? Because I’ve got Chicken n’ Dumplins warming up right now as I speak. Jealous?

I do need to find something that is a bit more “breakfasty.” And to make some of my own. But I had a busy weekend eating candy–because I won’t be eating anything like that for a while into the future.

By the way. I start this with a weight of 163.5 pounds.

See you later.


I think I’ll miss breakfasts most of all

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Sure, my video skills are lacking. But the verisimilitude is where its at, don’t you think?

T-minus two days and counting!

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