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:(Colon) It’s Complicated

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Attention, readers of this blog. Sadly, I am out of the Soup for a Year competition. I know, I know. It’s not going to be the same without me. Try to be rational about it and see it from my point of view. Also, it’s not you; it’s me.

Here is the thing: Thanksgiving is next Thursday. THANKSGIVING you guys! The only food-based holiday. And my mom’s fiance is cooking a deep-fried turkey, which I’ve never had and can’t miss. Also, my mom is making ribs on Sunday. I can’t miss that either. Also, she’s planning some sort of fancy Thanksgiving Day brunch that I should really be a part of. So Mike and I had been thinking of calling a truce for Thanksgiving weekend, and I was giving that some thought. But then this weekend is the OSU game, and I’ll probably be at a bar all day on Saturday and probably won’t want to eat soup in that situation. I was going to make that sacrifice, though, until something happened yesterday.

As I was sitting at my desk working, my best friend J called and told me she has a job interview in NC on Monday. Do I want to go with her? Um, yes I do. I have four vacation days left this year, and I need to use them. So I get the days off and I think, do I really want to eat soup on a road trip? In some sort of thermos? The whole way, and the whole time I’m there, and the whole way back? Taking all of the other things into consideration, I decided that I actually could not eat only soup for this road trip, so why eat only soup all day on Saturday at the bar? For that matter, why wait until Saturday? So I made the executive decision to quit Soup for a Year yesterday. So I went to Skyline and ate a cheese coney and a small 3-way. It was delicious, unsurprisingly.

I must say, though, I think the soup is getting to David. I sat down to lunch today, and I had a grilled cheese and a bowl of tomato soup with croutons. I poured some of the croutons into my soup, and then David asked to have some. I looked at him for a moment, trying to understand why he would want croutons in chili, and then he sassed me about how he could put croutons in whatever he wanted, even chili! He was very grumpy, and now that I’m out and it’s only a matter of time for Mike, how long will we as a society have to put up with a grumpy David? Only one person can answer that.

So I must say, it’s been a pleasure? Maybe? Well, the eating soup was interesting, and the blogging was fun, I guess. The thing about blogs, though, is that writing things on one feels like homework. I like to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want and not have to worry about when the last time I blogged was. So, hello and good bye to blogging, or, as they say in Hawaii, aloha, blogging, aloha.

P.S. I heart Eric Northman from “True Blood” and Puck from “Glee.” So there’s that!


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