Soup for a Year


Week 2 Begins

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For all those who said–reflexively–“You won’t even make it a week!”

. . .


(That is all.)




Nah, that isn’t all. I’ve got more to say tonight.

I go back and forth on the difficulty of it all. I try to say to myself that eating soup for lunch and for dinner isn’t all that difficult. And those are the times of day when it doesn’t seem hard. But I will admit that it is some kind of psychological battle to eat soup for breakfast–and that is one of the times when I want to eat something different from soup for a meal. A nice bowl of cereal and a crunchy piece of toast. A hot bowl of brown sugar & cinnamon oatmeal with a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter to add a little twinge of extra richness. And every weekend when Lynda and the kids eat pancakes or waffles . . . well, those are difficult times.

I’ve considered skipping breakfast, but that is definitely unhealthy–and I don’t need any more criticism of that. I know that Mike and Brie often drink fruit smoothies, which is a good idea but I haven’t worked out the logistics of fitting that into my routine. (And, yeah, some of you will probably point out that there are smoothie-like drinks readily available in the drinks case of the office cafeteria. I forget what my point is.)

Anyway, breakfast is a hurdle. And the times in-between meals is also difficult. But I am trying to readjust my understanding of food and my relationship to it. What I mean is that I find myself feeling hunger, but not debilitating hunger. And that isn’t such a bad thing. So many people in the world live with hunger all the time. Can’t I let myself feel a faint echo of that? It’s not like I won’t be able to satisfy that hunger any time I want, so it’s not truly hunger . . . just a reminder to not forget to eat. And when people tell me that it’s not healthy, I am ready to disagree.

As I said from the beginning, soup is a healthy meal. It’s often featuring vegetables and most soups have a pretty rational balance of meat to other ingredients. What I’m cutting out of my pre-S365 diet most dramatically are empty calories such as cookies, chocolate, salty & crunchy items. Those things should not be missed in a healthy eating lifestyle. And I’m quite aware that when this S365 experiment is done, all of those things will rapidly make themselves available to me again. But perhaps I might go about eating them in a more intelligent way?

So, yeah . . . I lost four pounds last week. But I am sure that was weight I could definitely stand to lose. And I am slowly teaching myself to have a smarter relationship with my food.

So, I’m satisfied. Bring it on week 2!


Public thanks must be given to S365 fan Irma, who offered to bring in some delicious chicken & meatball soup that she had leftover from the weekend. Mike, Brie, and I all had some at lunch today and it was such a nicely put together soup that it makes me ashamed of the Mulligatawny that I made over the weekend. (I will say, however, that while I wasn’t in love with the first bowl of my Mulligatawny on Sunday night, the bowl of it that I ate for dinner tonight was much more pleasing . . . probably because I had a better understanding of what to expect.)

But, again, Irma’s soup was outstanding. And I am happy that people are thinking of our challenge and supporting us in these ways. Now I’ve just got to think of a better, more persuasive way to turn that support into something more than bowls of soup for us and more in the way of help for so many who definitely NEED help in their lives. I have asked this before, but I’ll keep throwing it out there. If you can think of a way to turn this effort into a force for good, please let me know in a blog comment or by writing on the Soup for a Year Facebook page.

Thanks everyone! And good night.


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