Soup for a Year


Tuesday Night Update!!!!!

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The title makes this post seem more exciting than it is, I guess. I was at trivia at the Grandview Cafe tonight, and my friend’s boyfriend picked our team name. Can you guess what it was? Go ahead, think for a second. Give up? Ok. Our team name was Soup for a Year! This thing is catching, you guys! Well, maybe not catching in the sense that anyone else is DOING it, but everyone I’ve told about it seems very intrigued to say the least. AND Soup for a Year won second place, so the exposure keeps growing!

Also, I discovered a sad thing. Apparently that Soup Nazi place downtown closed because they stopped paying their rent. This is what someone told me, which is shocking because I was just on the Web site yesterday and the Broad and High location was still listed. Weird! However, I did get numerous recommendations for places to get good soup in the area, and I even thought of one that I forgot–Whole Foods! I love you, Whole Foods! I mostly love your non-soup products, but, to be fair, I have never actually tried your soup products. I will, though, and soon! If I remember correctly, you have gazpacho! And to everyone who is concerned about our fruit intake, I suggest we start delving into the exciting world of smoothies. I, at least, plan to do this, maybe tomorrow! Good night, soup lovers!

Gratuitous exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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