Soup for a Year


In which I cast judgement

Filed under: Conditions — Dean @ 7:17 PM

Now that I have resigned my position on the Soup Council, maybe I shouldn’t have posting privileges here.  But since I do, I will use this perch to cast judgment on the contestants’ soup choices.

David: I’m glad to see Lynda is helping you stay the course.

Brie: Lobster Bisque was an inspired first choice.

Mike: In my mind you have already failed.  Bread is a travesty!

In general things seem to be going well, although it looks like the soups are trending towards the salty side, and I’m concerned about the lack of fruit.  In the coming weeks I would like to see some fruit based soups and more creative concoctions.



  1. Dean. I wish you wouldn’t have resigned so dramatically. I think that we all have to make some concessions for the success of Soup for a Year, but I guess I’m glad that you can still judge us. Am I? I don’t know. But you can still be involved by making cranberry soup for us.

    Comment by Brieanna — 11/03/2009 @ 11:04 PM | Reply

  2. I’m proud of Dean for taking such a principled stand on this divisive issue!

    Comment by Nancy — 11/04/2009 @ 4:44 PM | Reply

  3. Dean, now that we have discussed the bread issue, I would appreciate a formal amendment to your comment on my failure. Thank you.

    Comment by stumpsmike — 11/04/2009 @ 7:28 PM | Reply

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