Soup for a Year


Soup for a Year: Dinner 1: Brie Eats Lobster Bisque: It’s Complicated

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This is my first post! I guess I should state my feelings about this whole ridiculous endeavor. I didn’t think that was going to be that hard, but I can already tell I was wrong. This morning instead of having eggs and some sort of breakfast potato, I had a bottle of V8 and a can of Sprite. Healthy! Then for lunch I had a bowl of French onion soup from the cafeteria at work. That was ok, but I did not feel satisfied. Now, a post about my dinner. Be warned: the quality is terrible. I don’t have fancy recording equipment like David and Mike do, so I took this video with my Blackberry.

Hmmm, well it turns out I don’t know how to put this video on the blog. Something about it not meeting security guidelines or something. Oh well. Anyway, I had a bowl of lobster bisque and a glass of Riesling. It was quite good, actually. Also, I did eat my dinner to the Rocky theme song because when I say I’ll do something, I do it. I am a woman of principle. I just hope Mike is a man of principle because I am going to eat soup longer than him, and I expect my demands to be met!

Update: I think I figured out how to add a video. Please to enjoy Soup For a Year: Dinner 1: Brie Eats Lobster Bisque: It’s Complicated.

Oh, one more thing. If anyone wants to make me soup, I would appreciate it. I’m not what you call a “good cook.” I don’t “like to make things” or “make things that taste good.” Well, unless what I’m making is either lobster, mac and cheese from a box, or spinach dip. Erica Kendall Pastorell Pastorelli Pastorelle already said she would make some soup for me and so did Dean, so let’s have some more offers you guys!



  1. Brie, you are so right. This is way more complicated than anything Denise Richards has had to deal with in her uncomplicated life!

    Comment by Rachel — 11/03/2009 @ 10:13 AM | Reply

  2. I will make you soup. I, like you, am not one who “likes to cook” I do however like to compete. So I’m down with helping you. I guess I will have to learn to cook soup now. Damn!

    Comment by amy — 11/04/2009 @ 10:01 AM | Reply

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