Soup for a Year


Lest you think we do this for frivolous reasons, part II

Filed under: Brie,Conditions — Brieanna @ 6:27 PM

(To better understand what this is all about, read Part I before you read this.)

Ok, I agree to your terms if you agree to mine:

  • I can make fun of Hansen again whenever I want.
  • You have to hate Cincinnati like I do—with the fire of a thousand suns. When someone brings Cincinnati or anything Cincinnati-related (with the exception of Skyline Chili and its excellent cheese), you must react as you think I would, with a dramatic eye roll, a disgusted sigh, a comment about how the city is bullshit and you hate it, or a combination of the three. Helpful hint: The freeway system down there is easy to make negative comments about since, as I famously told the intern, it is a cluster****.
  • You must buy me an Adriatico’s pizza, which is far superior to Domino’s.

Also, I have several things to point out about your terms. First, I have no strong feeling about Hansen, but just generally speaking, $9.99 for crap is not a good deal. It’s a waste of ten bucks. Second, that Two and a Half Men poster is terrible. It’s like they spliced three pictures together, and each of those pictures was ridiculous. Just look at Ducky. What a dork! And none of the “actors” are looking in the same direction! Someone dropped the ball on this one. Third, despite my overwhelming hatred of Cincinnati and all things from that shitty city, I do think the Bengals have the cutest uniforms in the NFL. So there’s that.


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