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Lest you think we do this for frivolous reasons, part I

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If you cave and deviate from the soupy path before I do, I am asking for the following concessions from you: 

  • You must root for the Bengals and be genuinely pleased when they do well. Likewise, you must be genuinely downtrodden when losses, injury, or idiot behavior befalls them.
  • You must purchase the iTunes album “The Best of Hanson Live and Electric” by Hanson and listen to it straight through at least twice within a 14-day period. The album contains 15 songs and costs $9.99 (what a deal!)
  • You must display this excellent 11×17 Two and a Half Men poster in your new cubicle for a period of time equal to or greater than 3 months. I will purchase the poster (and perhaps some other people will chip in…)

I believe these terms, while deeply personal, are not unreasonable. I will await you concession demands.


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