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Starting to Fret

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First check out this video from lunch today (profanity). It is many firsts, and hopefully the first of many. Hopefully it’s working now–it wasn’t earlier. Then read my first blog post ever. Crazy right?

I posted on Facebook earlier tonight that I couldn’t believe that we are actually going through with this ridiculous stunt. Up until now, I’ve sort of just been enjoying the conversation, laughs, and just all around good times that Soup for a Year talk has been facilitating. Now that we are four tiny little days away from a diet utterly devoid of crunchiness, the reality is finally starting to set in.

It really hit me when I was perusing my cupboards for dinner earlier tonight. I came upon my relatively enormous stash of Ramen noodle packages, and I recalled one of many lunch conversations based on the legality of foods in S365 (that’s my cool, new, alphanumeric meme for Soup for a Year). I asked the group if they thought Ramen should be legal. As David pointed out on Facebook, I certainly am the boundary-pusher. Even so, I thought that Ramen, like chili or stew, would have support from both camps (the purist camp, i.e. Rachel and David; and the “If you can eat it with a spoon, it’s soup” camp, i.e. Mike and Brie).

How wrong I was. Even Brie, who I would consider at least somewhat of a liberal ally, was adamantly against classifying Ramen as soup.

My point is that Soup for Year really hit me when I realized how much food I’m not going to be able to eat. If I was feeling those pangs of jealousy from RAMEN, of all things, 4 days before the competition starts, imagine how I’ll feel around people eating sandwiches! Or burrito bols! Or STEAK! Shit.

Despite my apprehension, I’m pretty excited to get this thing underway. I think it’s going to inspire some creativity in the kitchen, as well as at the computer.

On another note, which I’ll save for another post, I told my mom about S365–needless to say, she wasn’t happy when I told her I’d need soup at Thanksgiving.



  1. Good first video Mike! Surprisingly engaging . . . and I was there!

    But, I am still worried about how we are all going to be perceived out of this. (Now I am the wuss.)

    Comment by David — 10/29/2009 @ 9:04 AM | Reply

  2. Kudos on the S365 moniker. Here’s hoping we don’t get sued for using the Whole Foods brand name (as if they have dibs on all the days of the year). After watching the above video, I’m struck by the fact that the seven and a half minutes you actually shot of us discussing soup was only the tip of the iceberg. Whoo-wee, do we like to discuss soup. I’m also struck by the fact that I use my hands a lot when talking, make ridiculous Jim Carrey-esque facial expressions, and had no idea I was such a purist. That being said, be sure to prepare a good case for baguette consumption, Mike, because you’ve got a lot of convincing to do.

    That being said, I promise I won’t be a hater. I’ll even look for some good soup recipes for you, David, and Brie. This is going to be ridiculous fun.

    Comment by Rachel — 10/30/2009 @ 7:08 PM | Reply

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