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Last night I made an audio post to my Twitter account where I laid out a brief summary of what has been going on with the Soup for a Year challenge. You can use this link to listen to my stream-of-consciousness thoughts (while driving!).

Also, I am glad to report that significant progress was made on the unwritten rules front at lunch today.

We put together a group of arbiters, which I suggest we call SOUPerintendents, who will act as judges. These judges have voted on some of the nagging rules and definition questions that we haven’t been defining. The process that we established today works like this:

  • Each SOUPerintendent has a vote on an issue.
  • If the four SOUPerintendents split their vote, then the three contestants are allowed to vote.
  • The contestants can, in this instance, determine the final position on an issue.

It really is that simple.

2. Also, I signed up Mike and Brie to be contributors to this blog so each contestant can weigh in on their soup-eating experiences.

3. Mike used his new video recorder to capture much of our (hotly debated) votes and discussions. He’s still learning how to use the camera, edit stuff, and doesn’t yet have lots of blogging experience. So, as soon as those types of hurdles are overcome, we’ll have that video up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

That’s it for tonight. Now I’ve got to do some real work.


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