Soup for a Year


The beginning

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“Would you eat nothing but soup for a year for $50,000?”

It was an innocent enough question that Mike put to me at lunch this past Wednesday. Naturally, I said that, sure I could do that for $50,000. Heck, I’d do it for $20,000 or $5,000. Or for as little as $2,000.

You see, I didn’t see the task as being that challenging. Eating soup isnt’ that hard, right? Given that fact, I thought that eating soup every meal would be like getting free money. And I didn’t want to be greedy? So $2,000 seemed like a reasonable reward.

As soon as I said this, everyone else at the lunch table reacted very strongly. Nobody thought that I could do such a thing. Everyone started saying that I wouldn’t even last a month. Heck, some people said that I couldn’t make it a week. “Eating soup for breakfast?” they wondered. “Surely you wouldn’t want to do that?”

And then there are all the concerns about health and too much salt and  class=”mceItemHidden”> class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”and “>yada, yada, yada. But I maintain that I could do a much better job of it than they seem to think I could. The idea of it seem tantalizingly simple. There are lots of different soups out there (as the video at the top of the page attests). As soon as I got done with one kind, I’d just move on to another. It would actually be fun to try different kinds of soup. And, of course, I would also be making my own–most likely on the weekends. And I’ve always liked to experiment with new types of recipes. So, that would help address the (supposed) health concerns . . . making my own and gaining new skills at the same time. What could be bad about that?

Of course, now I’m seriously thinking about the idea of this. Could I do it? Certainly I would not expect any sort of payment at the end of it. Even if all of my lunch mates chipped in (and why would they, really?) we’d never get to $1,000 and that money would be better served in other places anyway. So . . . if I’m doing it, I’m doing it just for the experience of doing it.

Naturally, I’d have to blog about it. (Because that is what I do.) And, given that I’ve spent so much time watching Brotherhood 2.0 videos over the past year, I’m envisioning a similar public experiment of writing about my soup journey and also making videos about the trip toward souptastic glory.

As we talked about it more, the challenge became more complicated. What IS a soup? Is chili a soup? It seemed that most people felt stew to be out of the question, but chili was up for debate. And (most pernicious, I thought) there was a contingent of people who felt that simply blending regular food into a souplike consistency could qualify. I am against this, as I think it is simultaneously disgusting and against the simplistic spirit of the challenge. But, if I am going to pursue this, there are important details that need to be worked about by me and those who will be judging the affair. As those items are worked out, I’ll be posting the details here.


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