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An act of charity from a stunt of madness

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Donation screen

Look what happened due to S365's efforts!

Very, very, VERY big thanks to Erin (a Soup for a Year fan) who followed through on her pledge to honor the culinary efforts of Brie, David, and Mike. Now the Mid Ohio Food Bank has a bit more money to help those in need during the holiday season.

If YOU are similarly inspired to recognize the crazy stuff we did, go to the Mid Ohio Food Bank (link to the organization’s Web site can be found on the page entitled “More than Soup” in the column to your right) and make a donation.



Goodbye to soup (at least for every meal)

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Since it is Thanksgiving, it seems that today is an appropriate day for me to explain why I am no longer participating in Soup for a Year.

Simply, I was the last one going and I just felt like I wanted to stop. It wasn’t that I was physically unable to eat soup anymore. And it wasn’t that Lynda was tired of the experience either.  Throughout the entire process, she was more willing to support my efforts than I ever thought she would be when I started.

No, I just knew in my heart and in my mind that I would not be actually going for a whole year, and Brie had dropped out a few days before. And Mike had already declared his determination to quit before the week was out. And so I would be going it alone.

Thanksgiving did play a part in my decision. I knew by that day that Lynda’s parents would be visiting us (and they are here now) and I didn’t want to become a confusing distraction from what would already be a challenging day of cooking and finding spaces to sit and all the stuff that always is a part of every Thanksgiving. My soup taking up burner space and dividing the attention from the regular food preparations would have been selfish and slightly wrong-headed of me.

Now, I am glad that our efforts were entertaining to some for a while. And I am extremely thankful to those few of our S365 followers who pledged to donate some money to the Mid Ohio Food Bank in honor of our efforts. I hope they will send in their donations before Christmas arrives so that the food bank can put their generosity to good use during this time of year when people are needing more help than ever.

Part of me is disappointed that I didn’t push myself a bit harder. And when I realized that the S365 Facebook page had generated over 40 fans, I felt bad for letting them down as well. But I think we did pretty well in getting some attention in a short two+ weeks of activity. It makes me wonder what other nutty things I might be able to think of in the coming year that would turn our community of friends into some sort of force for good.

If you have any ideas in that regard, please send me an email or contact me in some way. Until the next time, enjoy your turkey, tofu, stuffing, potatoes, and whatever else you choose to eat today (even soup). Take some time to think of family and friends.

(formerly) Souperly yours,



:(Colon) It’s Complicated

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Attention, readers of this blog. Sadly, I am out of the Soup for a Year competition. I know, I know. It’s not going to be the same without me. Try to be rational about it and see it from my point of view. Also, it’s not you; it’s me.

Here is the thing: Thanksgiving is next Thursday. THANKSGIVING you guys! The only food-based holiday. And my mom’s fiance is cooking a deep-fried turkey, which I’ve never had and can’t miss. Also, my mom is making ribs on Sunday. I can’t miss that either. Also, she’s planning some sort of fancy Thanksgiving Day brunch that I should really be a part of. So Mike and I had been thinking of calling a truce for Thanksgiving weekend, and I was giving that some thought. But then this weekend is the OSU game, and I’ll probably be at a bar all day on Saturday and probably won’t want to eat soup in that situation. I was going to make that sacrifice, though, until something happened yesterday.

As I was sitting at my desk working, my best friend J called and told me she has a job interview in NC on Monday. Do I want to go with her? Um, yes I do. I have four vacation days left this year, and I need to use them. So I get the days off and I think, do I really want to eat soup on a road trip? In some sort of thermos? The whole way, and the whole time I’m there, and the whole way back? Taking all of the other things into consideration, I decided that I actually could not eat only soup for this road trip, so why eat only soup all day on Saturday at the bar? For that matter, why wait until Saturday? So I made the executive decision to quit Soup for a Year yesterday. So I went to Skyline and ate a cheese coney and a small 3-way. It was delicious, unsurprisingly.

I must say, though, I think the soup is getting to David. I sat down to lunch today, and I had a grilled cheese and a bowl of tomato soup with croutons. I poured some of the croutons into my soup, and then David asked to have some. I looked at him for a moment, trying to understand why he would want croutons in chili, and then he sassed me about how he could put croutons in whatever he wanted, even chili! He was very grumpy, and now that I’m out and it’s only a matter of time for Mike, how long will we as a society have to put up with a grumpy David? Only one person can answer that.

So I must say, it’s been a pleasure? Maybe? Well, the eating soup was interesting, and the blogging was fun, I guess. The thing about blogs, though, is that writing things on one feels like homework. I like to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want and not have to worry about when the last time I blogged was. So, hello and good bye to blogging, or, as they say in Hawaii, aloha, blogging, aloha.

P.S. I heart Eric Northman from “True Blood” and Puck from “Glee.” So there’s that!


Soup & Star Wars

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I had a bowl of Mike’s butternut squash soup tonight for my dinner and I was very good. (Thanks Mike!)

You know, while I may find it hard to explain what this S365 thing is all about–and I feel vaguely foolish in the attempt to describe it–I should think of moments like tonight when I voluntarily ate a good bowl of homemade butternut squash soup. Without S365, I would not have been doing that. Heck, I’m not even a huge fan of squash and I normally NEVER eat a meal as healthy as that one was–and I think I have a pretty balanced and rational diet.

So, I am happy with my dietary choices. And that should be that.

Speaking of choices, I am finding that I am adjusting well to the changed diet. My longings and cravings are not as bad as they were last week and I am definitely finding that my psychological expectations of food are adjusting as well. (As I write that it sounds vaguely disturbing, like my stomach is undergoing some sort of hostage brainwashing or Stockholm Situation.) But what I mean to say is that my hunger pangs are more manageable now.

The biggest challenges coming up are food-rich holidays (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the looming temptation that is my departmental Gluttonfest food extravaganza . . . which I normally organize!). But, I’ll get there. Will anyone be getting there with me?

If I may speak for Mike and Brie for a moment–and in the absence, I will–they have been wavering hard this week. I was hoping that the injection of charitable intentions (and the generous public pledges of some of you S365 fans) would galvanize them into a more dedicated stance. But it seems to me that they are simply waiting for the other one to fall, so that they can fall soon after. (Remember that they have side bets–really the only “stakes” in play here–with each other. See one of the earliest posts.)

Everyone seems to think I’ll stick it out longer than they will, and maybe “everyone” is right. It certainly helps me that my wife is supportive of what I’m doing. But, if M & B drop out . . . do I keep going? I would like to, but for how long–especially if I have nothing at stake to keep me in it for the duration. So, I hope Mike and Brie don’t quit, not the least of which is because their contributions to the blog are always entertaining and provide much more interesting angles on all of this than I.


One of my work friends presented her theory as to why I am handling this so well and while I want her to present it in its entirety here on S365, I’ll try to give you a brief overview of it.

She argues that this contest gives me control over something–a thing I lack in the rest of my life. She says that because I’m married, parenting three kids, occupied with a stressful job, busy with church responsibilities, blogging on all sorts of things . . . I am at the mercy of so many other things that I need this to give myself power and agency. (She has a much better way of laying it out.)

I don’t know if that is really what is going on. Maybe my subconscious agrees, but I don’t feel powerless and in need of control. I’ll have to dream on it some more and I’ll fill you in later.

But what about you? What is your opinion on Mike, Brie, and I? Sound off!


Isn’t soup supposed to be healthy?

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No new post from me tonight. I’m battling a cold that strengthened around the time I got home for dinner.

But I’ll quickly note that Lynda’s homemade salmon stew was just wonderful.

I think I should eat nothing but chicken soup ’til I’m over my cold.

(Wait . . . I can see it now! If someone only eats chicken soup for a year, will they ever get a cold during that year?)


Well, maybe next year . . . any takers?


Charitable Motivation?

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So here we are 9 days in, and not surprisingly, S365 is getting old. Being obligated to turn down all of my favorite foods, I’ve decided that I need a deeper motivation than just glory to continue along this ridiculous path (as if there’s any glory involved anyway). David agrees, and for the sake of this post, we’ll go ahead and say that Brie agrees too.

If I’m going to keep participating in Soup for a Year, I’m going to need participation from YOU. “Why should I participate?” you might say. “You’re the stunt-junkies that volunteered to eat the soup for no reason, not me!”

Well what if there was a reason? i.e. charity!

So…here’s what I propose. And bear in mind that this idea is a work in progress, but I’d like to get the ball rolling on it.

For every day that we eat soup and only soup (excepting of course rolls and crackers when integral to the soupy meal), you pledge to give a canned good (or other non-perishable food item) to the charity of your choice. You can choose to sponsor only me, only David, only Brie, or some combination of the three of us. Pledge whatever you can, and keep in mind if you’re going to pledge something, we’re going to hold you to it.

So we know who’s on board, you can document your pledge a couple different ways. First, you can leave a comment on this post indicating how much you’re willing to donate and to which charitable organization it will go (also leave your address so we can come Paulie your knees if  you “forget” to ante up). You can also input the same information at the Soup for a Year Facebook page. Eventually, if people take to this idea, I’d like to have some kind of charity landing page where we keep track of donations, donors, total days on soup, etc. Let’s stick with this for now though, and we’ll see where it takes us.

Also, if you think it would just be easier to donate a dollar per day or week, or a quarter per day, we can do that too. You can send us a check, and we can make sure it gets to the right place.

Let’s make this ridiculous stunt worthwhile, shall we?

Sadly (though not that sad), if we don’t get enough people into this to make a difference, I’m probably going to revert back to solid food. Which honestly sounds amazing.

Mushroom soup: It’s good!

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I had already eaten the soup in question before I had time to make the video, but here is a photo of it’s gray goodness before I ate it. (And yes, I know that using the flash washes out the colors and makes for crappy indoor photography. Why don’t you come over to my house and show me the quick and easy way to turn off the automatic flash on my camera?)

Whole Foods mushroom soup

Soup for a Year: My Defense: The Pineapple Came on to ME!!!: It’s Complicated

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Right. So this is my punishment for the incident that happened on Friday. Let me paint you a picture with words.

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. I got out of work at 1:00 PM because my stuff was being moved to a new cubicle. After eating a lunch of shrimp and red pepper soup, I was off to Whole Foods. As I walked in, I was quivering with anticipation at the thought of beholding a bounty of delicious soups. I was distracted, and that was when it happened. A delicious, manly yellow pile of pineapple sample chunks appeared before me in a very aggressive fashion. I was powerless to ignore it, and I was thinking about soup. What kinds would there be? How many would I get? I was drunk with thoughts of soup, so when I approached the pineapple and it was so nice, so understanding, so much the opposite of the last fruit I had many moons ago, I unconsciously gave in to its desire to be eaten. Something about what was happening didn’t feel right. It felt WRONG, but also so good. I chewed the pineapple and proceeded through the produce section to the area where the hot soups were located. I knew the pineapple would be gone soon, and although I was sad, I knew it was for the best. I can’t hold on to something in my mouth that longs to be free, free to be digested by my stomach and intestines. So I gave in. I swallowed. It was over. The pineapple was gone, but I knew what we had experience was special, somehow, in its own way. And that is how the pineapple came on to me.

I would also like to point out that Mike also cheated did not receive anywhere near the verbal chastising I did. I implored my heartless friends to leave me with my guilt, but they demanded that I be punished. “Isn’t eating only soup punishment enough?” I argued. Apparently not. I would again like to disagree, as this was my lunch today:


This crap is delicious! Oh wait, it's actually not. It's crap.

The above bowl is filled with brandied wild mushroom soup, and it is disgusting. Per usual, after the first bite I tried to convince myself that it was actually good. It was not. It mostly tasted like pureed mushrooms with mushroom chunks, mostly. I did not find that taste appealing. As I tried to convince myself to eat it, I made the mistake of wondering what would happen if I moved my spoon back and forth in the soup. What happened was it grossed me out by jiggling like Jell-o. Aaaand I was out. As Mike kindly pointed out, if I am only eating soup, it should at least be GOOD soup!

I do believe that soup, along with the cream of spinach and mushroom, was punishment enough. I spent $14 on those two damn soups, one of which I gave to David, who cockily thinks he will eat it tonight and it will be delicious even though he refused to even try it at lunch today. We’ll just see what he says about that gross soup!


Soup for a Year: Dessert Day 8: Brie Drinks a Salty Caramel Brownie Milkshake: It’s Complicated

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Let’s just jump right in to this, shall we? I really want some pizza! Also, a sandwich! Basically, anything other than soup.

Making this soup challenge even more difficult is that yesterday I went to a party at my mom’s house in Sandusky/Norwalk. This party included the following things: a two-hour drive with my cousin, her husband, and their four boys who were eating Goldfish crackers and delicious smelling pretzels; a potluck with my mom’s taco salad, my aunt’s green beans with crunchy onions on top, my cousin’s pasta dish with pesto and artichokes, my mom’s fiance’s burgers with cheese, coleslaw, cream puffs, a caramel apple pie, a pumpkin pie, and my grandma’s beef vegetable soup that my mom made for me. As I sat at the table surrounded by people eating this delicious food, I ate my soup. I began to question this whole thing. I want some of that food! I did not eat any of it, though, and I was glad I didn’t because later as I was milling around, I heard my mom telling people about it.

“Oh yeah, she’s just eating soup. And she has a blog!”

My mom seemed so excited to use the word “blog,” and possibly even more excited to tell people that I had a blog. I’m pretty sure she has never even visited a blog, let alone talked about one. It was very cute, and I think I will continue with this whole thing if only to provide my mother more opportunities to tell people that her daughter has a blog.

It got hard again today, though, when my roommate A came back from Nashville and we went to Panidas (or Panera) to get dinner. For me: cream of tomato soup. For him: broccoli and cheddar soup (solidarity!) and mac and cheese. He got out the hot sauce and was eating that mac and cheese like it ain’t no thang, and I was in hell. Still hungry from my soupy dinner, that shit looked badass. I might have caved and tried some if he got the ranch dressing out, but he did not. So I’m still good.

Then my friend L came over with cookies. I was hoping they would be oatmeal because I very much dislike oatmeal. No! They were chocolate walnut cookies! Ugh. You might think this story is over if you have not read the title of this post, but it is not. A also had brownies that he brought back from this great place in Dayton. Oh, A and L are going to share one! What kind do they want? Blondie? Cream cheese (cheese!), German chocolate, or salty caramel? They look over at me with pity, and I whine at them not to look at me. But then, A to the rescue!

“Could you have this brownie if I made it into a milkshake?”

You bet your sweet ass I could! Warning: I did not realize that my camera was zoomed in until it was too late. And it was zoomed WAY in.

For those of you who have sharp ears, did you hear the vibrating during the video? That was Mike BBMing about if he could put nuggets in chili.

Let’s get to the matter at hand, though. The milkshake. Well, it was made with part of the brownie, some milk, some chocolate sauce, and ice. Therein lies the problem. At first taste, the milkshake tasted like a protein shake, and I believe that is because of the chocolate flavor and the ice. That is how I used to make my protein shakes, anyway. Well, minus the brownie. But after a few sips, I got a chunk of brownie! Yay! And then the best surprise was at the bottom where I found all kinds of brownie chunks! Delicious!

And so I have made it through another day. Thanks to A for the brownie milkshake and Mom for the soup, which I have a huge bowl of and will eat for the rest of the week. Also Mom’s fiance M for being a good sport and putting up with her having to make me soup for this party and for Thanksgiving in a few weeks. Onward!

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